[Stockholm, 5/9-2023] — Unconventional Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in startups in the pre-seed and seed stage led by diverse founders identifying as women, people of color, immigrants, and/or LGBTQ+, building scalable impact tech companies in the Nordics is excited to announce the addition of The Case for Her as Limited Partner (LP) to its distinguished group of investors.

“We are thrilled to be one of the newest Limited Partners to the Unconventional Ventures. “This venture capital firm is demonstrating how we can effectively move the needle on SDG 5 of gender equality by investing in underrepresented founders and stigmatized women’s health issues.-Cristina Ljungberg-Co-founder & Partner The Case for Her 

Unconventional Ventures’ unique approach to venture capital has garnered significant attention in recent years. The firm hits its
second close of its €30M fund., enabling Unconventional Ventures to play a pivotal role in driving positive change in the technology and business landscape by focusing on underrepresented founders and startups that challenge the status quo. Among their current investment portfolio, UV claims 75% are founded by all-female teams, and over 25% have a founder or co-founder from an ethnic minority. Moreover, 67% of the portfolio focuses on combating climate change, while 20% addresses female health-related challenges.

This partnership is exciting for The Case for Her, as we have purposefully invested in venture capital firms led by first-time and emerging female fund managers to close the funding gap and increase our returns.

 By investing in women-led VCs, we can triple down on three opportunities:

  1. Increase the number of female venture capitalists
  2. Support the increasing number of women-led and women-founded corporations and business
  3. Increase the number of goods and services designed by and with women in mind to address women’s needs

About Unconventional Ventures:

Unconventional Ventures is a forward-thinking venture capital firm committed to supporting visionary founders and startups that challenge the norm. With a focus on underrepresented entrepreneurs, Unconventional Ventures seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology and innovation. The firm aims to drive positive social and economic change through strategic investments, mentorship, and a commitment to fostering innovative solutions.

Nora Bavey & Thea Messel
Co-founders & General Partners of Unconventional Ventures 

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