Exciting news! Mauj joins The Case for Her’s sexual pleasure & menstrual health portfolio as the latest investment to advance equitable women’s health, our first investment in the Middle East. 


By investing in Mauj, The Case for Her will have the opportunity to explore the landscape for women’s menstrual and sexual health in a new region and strategically plan how we can leverage Mauj to contribute to improving gender equality  – Cristina Ljungberg, co-founder, and investing partner The Case for Her.


Mauj is an Arabic sexual and menstrual wellness company challenging the misinformation and stigma around women’s health. The company was founded by two women from different regions in the Middle East, each of whom was exhausted by the prevalent stigma around the female body and concerned about the negative impact that lack of access to critical information has on the development of young women and girls in society. 


We are immensely honored to be joined by TCFH on our journey to dismantle the shame and stigma around female sexuality in the Arab world. Their dedication to investing in key women’s health issues aligns seamlessly with our mission. With their support and partnership, we are better equipped to revolutionize the landscape of sexual and menstrual wellness, providing Arab women with access to tools and resources that make learning about and discovering our bodies and sexuality a shame-free and celebratory experience – Noor N, CEO Mauj.

Mauj has adopted a comprehensive approach with its offering, combining resources and information with products and services to enable its consumers to become more educated about the female body while getting the products they need to manage their health successfully. With their use of social media as a tool to bring awareness and break the stigma around sexual wellness, Mauj has reached over 30 million people with their content and has established a strong following of over 100,000 users across their platforms. 

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