About Us

We believe in an equal world where women and girls thrive and that by investing in key women’s health issues that have been long underfunded and overlooked, we have an unprecedented opportunity to break open gender inequality.

We are lean, fast-moving, and risk-tolerant investors working exclusively in two areas: menstruation and female sexual health and pleasure. Our dynamic and flexible portfolio spans the globe and includes investments in product companies, tech innovations, research initiatives, and grassroots organizations.

Through traditional investing, impact investing, and grant funding, The Case for Her works to:

  • Develop a learning portfolio in women’s health
  • Advocate for adding key women’s health issues to the global health agenda
  • Shift more capital into the women’s health space by de-risking it for other investors

We work across multiple sectors


Evidence-based research is essential when evaluating the success of interventions. We support efforts to develop ground-breaking, comprehensive, and validated metrics.


Body literacy is more than just a female anatomy lesson. It’s a discussion about equality and inclusion, a global dialogue that must also include boys and men.


New and innovative product companies provide women and girls with a range of options so they can make their own choices about how to care for their bodies.


Technology and new distribution models help get products to the customers who want them.

Most importantly, we are more than just funders. We work primarily from an advocacy perspective, to firmly place overlooked and underfunded key women’s health issues into the global health arena.

Our Team


Cristina Ljungberg


Wendy Anderson


Alexandra Lundqvist