The Case for Her is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our menstrual health portfolio, Egal. Egal has revolutionized the bathroom with an innovative menstrual product, redefining how people who menstruate access products where they need them. Pads-on-a-roll puts pads right beside toilet paper, using existing or special-purpose commercial dispensers for easy access.  Putting pads alongside toilet paper not only meets rising global consumer and policy demand for free products in public spaces, but is a critical step in leveling the playing field by normalizing menstruation as simply another biological process.   

What are Egal’s pads on a roll?

A single roll of Egal contains 40 individually wrapped pads, separated by easy-tear perforations. Designed to be mounted inside the bathroom stall on existing commercial toilet paper dispensers or on Egal’s custom-designed dispensers, refilling is made easy.

And most importantly – the product is accessible. In the school setting where Egal operates, 86% of menstruators report having been caught by surprise by their period, 79% have encountered broken or empty vending machines, and 1 in 5 students have missed school because they don’t have access to menstrual products. Rather than resorting to an uncomfortable makeshift ‘wad’ of rolled toilet paper, Egal’s pads are a welcome solution to the problem of difficult access.  

We are thrilled to have The Case for Her on this journey with Egal. Their mission of “an equal world where women and girls thrive” fits perfectly with Egal and our mission to treat bodily functions equally so that women and girls can focus on living their lives”.-Penelope Finnie, CEO Egal. 

The market for accessible period care products in public areas is rapidly growing; last week, Canada announced it would provide free products in all federally mandated facilities (joining Scotland), while New Zealand and Kenya distribute products free in public schools. Zambia distributes free menstrual products to girls in rural and underserved communities. 

“Every woman deserves access to a solution that enables successful menstrual health management and at the same time destigmatizes periods. With Egal in our portfolio, we can propel access and move the needle on menstrual equity even further! -Wendy Anderson & Cristina Ljungberg- co-founders of The Case for Her 

What’s next? 

Egal has raised 1 million USD in investment angel funding and is currently conducting pilot programs of their products in various countries, including the US, United Kingdom & Rwanda. For more information about Egal, please visit the company’s website at

About the Company 

Egal is a startup based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Padson-on-a-roll is patent-pending and an award-winning product. Just in 2022, Egal was awarded the Hygienix Innovation Award for their accessible menstrual product. The CEO is Penelope Finnie, who is a start-up veteran with 15 years of experience in technology, branding, design, and marketing.


Penelope Finnie, CEO of Egal
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