Stockholm, October 19th, 2022.

The Case for Her today announced an investment in Meela,
a startup focusing on women’s mental health.

The company has raised €400 000 (4.5 million SEK) in venture capital from several well-known investors, including The Inner Foundation (Annika Sten Pärson and Per-Jörgen Pärson), Kerstin Cooley and Katja Bergman (Founders and General partners at Brightly Ventures) and early Kry/Livi employees.

Meela’s unique, research-based matching algorithm increases the likelihood of a successful relationship between patient and therapist. In their initial pilot project, Meela found that over 90% of patients using this matching algorithm had more than three meetings with the therapist they were matched with, which outperforms data on the current mental health services offered. 

“We are thrilled to back Meela in their journey to offer mental health services that finally fulfill the needs of both the patient and therapist. Their revolutionizing digital healthcare platform will redefine how mental health is offered in Sweden”! – Cristina Ljungberg, Co-founder & Partner of The Case for Her.

In general, 50% of people starting therapy drop out before session three, typically because of a poor therapist/patient match. Meela’s match rate of 2.2% is a significant and promising decrease. More broadly, it indicates a more substantial chance of quality care for the patient and remarkably less retention for the therapist.

The Case for Her is a value-driven fund sharing a lot of similarities with us in what we see needs to be changed within the female health area. Having the support of The Case for Her is bloody fantastic! – Tiffany Boswell & Natali Suo, Co-Ceos & co-Founders of Meela. 

About Meela

Meela is a Swedish femtech company specializing in personalized psychotherapy by matching women to their most compatible therapists. Meela has the world’s most advanced matching algorithm that takes into account 43 clinical data points, increasing the likelihood of a great therapeutic relationship between therapist and patient.

Meela has the Nordic region’s largest network of licensed private practicing psychologists and psychotherapists, has won several awards, including UNOPS For A Better Future, and received innovation grants from Sweden’s Innovation Agency. The company has raised venture capital from several reputable investors, including The Inner Foundation and The Case for Her.

Meela Co-founders Tiffany Boswell and Natali Suo