Menopause is a highly stigmatized topic because it is not discussed openly and definitely not early enough. This is a natural biological process, experienced by half of the population, that is shrouded in fear and misunderstanding, and something needs to change.

Everyone should know about menopause, and we mean everyone. For our third D&AD New Blood Awards, we tasked this year’s class of emerging creative talent to bring menopause out of the shadows and reposition it as something that can affect anyone of any age. We have been fortunate to partner with some incredible brands on our two previous briefs (McKinsey Design in 2019 and Teen Vogue in 2020), and this time around was no exception. We teamed up with Refinery29, one of the world’s most innovative and respected media brands, to help formulate the brief and spread the word.

Meet the winners!

The Let’s Talk Menopause brief was downloaded 6,917 times across 104 countries, and D&AD received a total of 240 entries from around the world. Here are the 15 incredible submissions that were awarded Pencils at this year’s New Blood Awards Ceremony.

Yellow Pencils

Graphite Pencils

Wood Pencils

You can watch all of these incredible submission videos in the playlist below.

The White Pencil

At D&AD, White Pencils are reserved only for projects that have the potential to do good through the power of creativity. It is one of the highest accolades a New Blood submission can receive, and this year we are thrilled to say that one of the teams from Let’s Talk Menopause has won a coveted White Pencil. 

The incredible team being honored with a White Pencil is Happy Meno-Day! for their idea to turn menopause into a celebration rather than something to be dreaded. According to this Netherlands-based team:

By bringing positivity, we deconstruct people’s beliefs, educate relatives and allow menopausal women of all ages to finally feel comfortable with this transition. Because the best way to end a taboo is to celebrate it.

Give Happy Meno-Day! a watch, but be warned, the catchy tune they wrote for this celebration is quite the earworm.

A new period has come
Have one hell of a day
Happy happy Meno-Day

Free from your time of the month
Have one hell of a day
Happy happy Meno-Day

Sure, you’re no more 18, but damn, still a sex machine
Have one hell of a day
Happy happy Meno-Day

You don’t have to worry
Cause this ain’t the end
You’ve got so much to live for
And much more time to spend

This year’s New Blood class blew us away, and we hope the entries will inspire you to be more open about menopause.