LEIA is the worlds’ first postpartum health tracker. Designed to bridge the gap between new parents and healthcare, the LEIA app delivers on-demand personalized expertise directly to your pocket.

How it works

9 out of 10 women experience mental and physical health difficulties during ‘The Fourth Trimester’ (the first year after giving birth). Using a Chatbot interface, LEIA interacts with a user during this phase and provides personalized information to user responses from women’s health experts. LEIA aims to empower its users with access to evidence-driven support and actionable insights that help them understand and improve their health. 

“We want to do for maternal health what Fitbit did for general health. By being a data-driven product, we will be able to concretize and visualize the user’s health during this turbulent time and through that help them understand and improve it,” says Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen, CEO and Co-founder.

LEIA is the first digitized postpartum care platform enabling insights to be shared digitally with one’s midwife for a more personalized care experience, as well as enabling a digitized screening model that picks up on symptoms of issues that may require attention from a caregiver, such as postnatal depression and pelvic floor complications. By flagging risks at an early stage, LEIA effectively improves access to timely healthcare and outcomes for new mothers.

Not only does LEIA support mothers, it also caters to the needs of the co-parent with a partner log-in: 

“When we talked to new parents and care staff, it became clear that the partner’s support is crucial during this period. Many co-parents are frustrated that they don’t know how best to support the mother after birth. It is not uncommon for them to also struggle and feel alone with their questions. Almost as large a proportion of fathers / partners suffer from postpartum depression, 10% according to statistics, with further growth driven by the pandemic,” says Sandra Wirström, CPO and Co-founder.

The Team

The brilliant minds behind LEIA are founders Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen and Sandra Wirström. Highly experienced in digital innovation and growth strategy, Astrid and Sandra have a proven track record at some of Sweden’s most successful tech start-ups like Natural Cycles and Klarna. They have established strategic partnerships with experts including a medical advisory and technical board from Karolinska Institute as well as Women In Tech – Gothenburg (WITGBG).  

“To drive real change in women’s health, funding is required, but also cooperation between healthcare, politicians and innovative startups. Next year, we will have pilot projects with researchers in women’s health but also maternity care clinics to be able to demonstrate the effect of meeting the needs of new mothers digitally. By being data-driven and focused on the woman’s experience we will be able to present the results in a way that has not been done before,” says Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen.

What’s next?

LEIA has just closed a heavily oversubscribed funding round. With multiple strategic partnerships in maternity care in place, the team is confidently targeting a January 2022 launch date in Sweden. The time to drive innovation toward improving women’s health is now!