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Sexual Health & Pleasure

“The Case for Her has been pivotal for Aquafit Intimate’s viability and growth. We met Cristina Ljungberg and Wendy Anderson after receiving the first installment of the Israel Innovation Authority grant of $600,000 for our work on sexual wellness self care, of which TCFH invested 25% (matching). This was at a point where no VC’s or angels in Israel were to be found to support our work.  We have gained so much more than funding! Cristina and Wendy are true partners, soundboards for ideas and feedback. Always insightful, clear, passionate and supportive. This past year, Aquafit has been buttressed by the Case for Her’s unwavering advocacy for women’s intimate wellness.”

Rebecca Sternberg, Co Founder

Aquafit Intimate

“The team at The Case for Her are amongst the most trail-blazing and courageous investors in women’s health. They never shy away from investing in the taboo, but critical and chronically overlooked, areas that are central to all of our health and wellbeing. They have been extraordinary thought partners and collaborators on La Ventana, our project that is seeking to take a youth-driven approach to pleasure-based sex ed. They funded this project when others were too reticent – and because of their support, they’ve put pleasure on the map!”

Nicole Ippoliti, Director of Global Programs



“The last 2.5 years of engaging with The Case for Her (TCFH) has been a wonderful journey, and a true example of what a collaborative partnership should be! As a trailblazer in the menstrual health space, TCFH has been an incredible thought partner in our quest to spotlight the needs of menstruators through our global advocacy efforts. It is a pleasure working with the TCFH team and we are very appreciative of their efforts, passion, and expertise. We look forward to continuing our collective efforts to make it easier for all people who menstruate to lead healthier lives.”

Sandy Garçon, Senior Manager, Advocacy

Population Services International

“The Case for Her’s unrestricted funding and thought partnership has been vital for the massive growth of Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day). With more than 8,200 pieces of media coverage and more than 560 million people reached in 2021, MH Day is now driving awareness and increasing the relevance of MHH at truly global scale – to the benefit of the entire global MHH ecosystem. We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership with The Case For Her as we now take on the next big challenge of translating increased awareness and relevance into tangible action and much needed investment in this neglected issue.”

Thorsten Kiefer, Co Founder & CEO

WASH United

Leadership and Development

Not all of our investments fit squarely into one portfolio or the other but are more strategic in nature. We also invest in leadership, development, and advocacy opportunities like:

“The Case for Her’s partnership in our New Blood Awards has enabled D&AD to secure a place for women’s health on the global creative curriculum. Over the past three years, we’ve briefed advertising and design students and emerging talent in 117 countries with breaking taboos. They’ve tackled issues related to Menstruation, the Pleasure Gap and most recently, Menopause. 

Why do we think this is important? Our industry changes hearts, minds and behaviour for a living. We’re building advocacy amongst an audience that is about to become very influential. They are the immediate next generation of commercial creatives. That is, the folks responsible for creating the brands, images and advertising that our daughters and sons will encounter on the streets and on their screens. Their decisions will directly impact public opinion. So it’s crucial that the subjects raised through our partnerships are delivered in an engaging (and sometimes provocative) way and the education comes from a reliable source. The Case for Her’s investment of time, money, energy and expertise enables all of this.”

Sammi Vaughan, Partnerships Director


“The Case for Her has been catalytic for Center for Intimacy Justice’s work. Wendy and Cristina funded us boldly from our beginnings – based on ideas and research – supporting us to carry out investigation, strategy, legal work, and more to rewrite tech corporate policies in ways that advance sexual health for women and people of diverse genders. Cristina and Wendy are true partners. In addition to offering capital that has been instrumental for CIJ – and taking risks – the full TCFH team shares brilliant insights, from marketing to resource development and other areas.

Because they know systems and the landscape, they also make valuable introductions to build the field – and they advocate and share about our work, including in Europe and with organizations spanning five continents, to reach partners in new geographies. Their passion also makes them a joy to work with. Our first year was completely different because of TCFH’s support. They are game changers and pioneering investors in women’s sexual health – the field is different because of their vision and commitment.”

Jackie Rotman, Founder and CEO

Center for Intimacy Justice